Quiet Fire

An online benefit show for Seeding Sovereignty 

I Like Your Work 
Burning from the Inside
The exhibition Burning from the Inside brings together artworks by five artists that pulsate with visual and emotional energy. The title of the exhibition is a nod to the album of the same name by the post punk / goth band Bauhaus, who’s music embodied a sense of moodiness and theatricality. The artworks in this show also hold a similar intensity and visual drama, while exploring a variety of scientific, bodily and phenomenological themes.

Curated by Karla Wozniak


PLATFORM / David Zwirner

PLATFORM is a new online destination for collecting contemporary art. Each month PLATFORM offers a curated selection of new artworks to buy now from celebrated and emerging contemporary artists, presented by leading gallery partners across the county. 



Underdonk presents Transmissions, a group exhibition that explores the intergenerational dialogues that occur between teachers and students, mentors, colleagues, spaces, institutions, networks, and schools of making. The exhibition creates a visible network of artistic transmissions between members of the Underdonk collective and artists that have influenced them, while at the same time presenting an alternative map of influence.

How can a collective such as Underdonk, that normally presents works from across the generational spectrum, disrupt our usual notions of linear transmission and lineage from more to less powerful? Exhibitions such as these propose that a continuum of influence exists, and that lateral networks of dialogue are possible: small spaces can also influence large institutions, the artistic activities of one generation responds to those of another generation, and that the gesture of creating communities reorients artistic practices and values in unexpected ways. 

1329 Willoughby ave. 211, Brooklyn NY

July 9th-August 8th 2021 :Opening Reception 6-9pm

Hours Saturdays + Sundays 1-6pm

Moon Burn

Goldmali Gallery

May 2021


In Moon Burn, Georgia Elrod depicts bodies as they explore their interior and exterior worlds. Using imagery that can be both known and unidentifiable, the works posit physical identity as a kind of visual and experiential abstraction. These figures are invented and are often stand-ins for the artist herself. They are depicted at night: perhaps in repose, psychedelic fervor, giving birth, reading, undressing. The body becomes a landscape and an interior. 


May 16th - July 4th 2021

352 Van Brunt Street
(corner of Sullivan Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11231

TORQUE is what causes a physical entity to acquire angular acceleration, it is the driving force for all human movement.

What if you could create an object imbued with the ability to rotate, accelerate, and influence this state of being and the resulting sensations of motion? In paintings that seemingly have the ability to twist, rotate, distort, elevate, depress, speed up, then suddenly decelerate the images encapsulated within their picture planes, are they forms anew?

Our experiences are being revitalized.



Opening Friday, Feb. 14, 6-9PM

On View: Feb. 15 – March. 22
Hours: Saturday & Sunday 1-6 PM
Closing: Sunday, March 22, 4-6 PM

Liz Ainslie, Chris Bertholf, Sam Bornstein, Lindsay Burke, Daniel Davidson, Georgia Elrod, Stacy Fisher, Laura Frantz, Sarah Fuhrman, Alexis Granwell, Eric Hibit, Amanda Rose Hunter, Matt Jones, Tricia Keightley, Kimia Kline, Sarah McDougald Kohn, Emily Noelle Lambert, Elisa Lendvay, Leonora Loeb, Stuart Lorimer, JJ Manford, Keisha Prioleau-Martin, Vicente Matte, Steve Mykietyn, Ben Pritchard, Elisa Soliven, Melissa Staiger

Underdonk is pleased to present Purple, a plus-one group show comprised of the collective members, and their respective invitees.

Purple is the color of outliers, punks, radicals, nonconformists, Expressionist painters, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Haight-Ashbury, Jimi Hendrix, Alice Walker, queer activists, teen goths, and anyone letting their freak flag fly.


Young Space is excited to partner with Far x Wide for a three-day exhibition at Ortega y Gasset Projects in Brooklyn, NY, to benefit Art Start. This exhibition showcases exceptional work by early-career and emerging artists, and 50% of proceeds from sales support the mission of New York City nonprofit organization Art Start in their continuing mission to identify and nurture young people through art (the other 50% to artists)!
January 3-5, 2020 at Ortega y Gasset Projects, 363 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Opening times: Friday 3 January: 1-6 (+ opening reception 6-9); Saturday 1-6; Sunday 1-4

"heartbeats.exe :: abstract [body]

Friday, November 8th
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
In tandem with painter Georgia Elrod’s solo exhibit at Peninsula Art Space, you are invited to join us for “heartbeats.exe.” Curated by Lynne DeSilva-Johnson [Elæ], this event presents an evening of performance in and around an exploded understanding of the body / self / form / space / perception, in which performers working across mediums will present work created in response to the work as well as read / perform from their own original pieces exploring themes resonant with Elrod’s visual investigations.
Participants also include Ashna Ali, Liz Bowen, Joselia Hughes, Maryam Ivette Parhizkar, Mercedes Roffé and Joanna Valente

Solo Exhibition: Heartbeats at Peninsula Art Space

September 21st- November 10th, 2019

352 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Peninsula Art Space is pleased to present Heartbeats, an exhibition of recent work by Georgia Elrod. Comprised of paintings in the main space and drawings in the smaller room, the show will be on view from September 21st through November 10th.

Utilizing a combination of gouache, pastels, pencil, and oil, Elrod creates intricate mixed media paintings and works on paper. This recent group of work began several years ago as the artist experienced having a child and depicts specific “moments of being,” which become encoded with autobiographical narratives. The resulting imagery investigates what happens within and around bodies as they function, change, surge. The slowly unfolding and often sensual works include intersecting interiors and exteriors of bodies to humanize and complicate the way we interpret the figure. They visually explore and deconstruct the nuances of common human experiences such as sleeping, thinking, breastfeeding, even dying. 
Positing physical identity as a kind of living abstraction, the imagery can be both familiar and unidentifiable. By letting go of anatomical rules, the borders around and within the figures blur. Zooming in on particular bodily functions, the works poeticize the ribs moving with breath, the spine at rest, the beating of a heart.

Curated by Johnny Mullen


Amy Butowicz 
Kelly Worman
Georgia Elrod
Johanna Robinson
Jenifer Kobylarz 
Susan Wanklyn
Michael Voss
Ted Gahl

Curated by Johnny Mullen

July 14 - August 18
Opening Reception: Sunday, July 14th, 6-9pm
352 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Spatial fragmentation has been a common visual and perspectival theme in literature and art since the twentieth century. As a concept, it is an expression of untamable chaos and seemingly random chance happenings. It is also strongly evocative of the harrowing and disorienting experience of being hopelessly lost in non-cultural, hostile landscapes untouched by human influence and order—a type of wilderness in itself.

A Fairly Secret Army (notes from New York)

A Fairly Secret Army (notes from New York) is born out of a desire to know what kind of work is being made at the moment in New York, and to bring this into a dialogue with Düsseldorf. This exhibition offers an answer, albeit a partial one, by bringing together works by some of the artists who live and work in New York. The resulting exhibition reflects the aesthetic diversity and resourcefulness that go hand in hand with an artist-run space. Curated by Paul Whiting of George Gallery

JUNE 7TH, 2019

Polishing the Jewel Box

Polishing the Jewel Box curated by Underdonk
Saturday, May 11th at Disturb the Neighbors
Curated by Underdonk collectively, Polishing the Jewel Box brings together eight artists at Disturb the Neighbors. This show presents artists who lend a jewel-like quality to their work, whether embodied in scale, delicacy, opulence, compression, or simply aesthetic beauty.  These qualities may emerge through a slow process of distillation, through a faceted, planar geometry, or through glowing, luscious layers of paint. The title for the show also makes reference to the gallery’s location, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, suggesting the confluence of a fledgling contemporary art gallery with a historic neighborhood.

Blue Bananas

Far x Wide is pleased to present BLUE BANANAS, featuring works by Liz Ainslie, Susan Carr, Ryan Thayer Davis, Georgia Elrod, Kimia Ferdowsi Kline, and Zach Seeger. The title for this project was inspired by a science experiment where bananas placed on a table in the afternoon sun appeared yellow but emitted more blue light than any other frequency*. The artists in this selection use color in ways that acknowledge the possibility that yellow can secretly be blue. 

The Unusuals at The Painting Center

The Unusuals
Opening Reception: Thursday February 28 6-8PM 


The Painting Center presents The Unusuals featuring thirteen contemporary artists who exemplify this theme. Curators Kathy Cantwell and Molly Herman bring together a group of paintings that defy easy categorization.
The Unusuals showcases paintings that are not typical or ordinary. From the curated gallery on The Painting Center’s website, Art File, we have picked thirteen artists whose work we think embodies these attributes. We looked for the unpredictable, unexpected, unimaginable, unknowable— imagery that cannot be simply defined.
The “unusuals” are Liz Atlas, Bradley Butler, Robin Colodzin, Georgia Elrod, Hilary Goldblatt, Sam King, Beth Livensperger, Mary Mattei, Lisa Pressman, Eileen Senner, Jenny Singleton, Yeachin Tsai, Lisa Tubach


Featuring the works of Amanda Baldwin, Georgia Elrod and Jess Willa Wheaton.
Curated by Nicholas Cueva

November 29th–January 4th, 2018
Opening reception November 29th, 7–10pm

Brightness, joyfulness and bloom
With one moment you refresh the room
Moments pass of light and color
Meander through heart and mind
Lines and line, denote the time
And we would have no other
Graces perfect the art, a boon
To lift the spirits in our gloom
For stark and hollow, the winter tree
But in the ground now lays the seed
Which in months time will sate our need
And freedom growing, will itself be free

5-50 51st Ave
Long Island City, NY
Wednesday - Sunday 10AM -  5PM
7 Train to Vernon Blvd (one stop from Grand Central) 
G train 21st St. / Jackson Ave

Art To Go: A Benefit for Make the Road New York


Transmitter is pleased to present Art to Go: A Benefit for Make the Road New York. In these tumultuous times, we have acknowledged the potential in harboring community efforts for the common good. As a result, we've chosen to take action by inviting dozens of artists we have exhibited and friends of the gallery to create unique works on or with our iconic tote bag. Each piece will be for sale for $150 with a few limited edition runs available for less, and a portion of all sales will be donated to the immigrant support group Make the Road New York. 

Private Practice

Brian Belott / Chris Bertholf / Roger Danilo Carmona / Tryn Collins / Nicholas Cueva / Kerry Downey / Georgia Elrod / Laura Frantz / Ashley Garrett / Tamara Gonzales / Essye Klempner / Osamu Kobayashi / Aleta Lanier / JJ Manford / Danielle Orchard / Elisa Soliven / Sam Strand / Julie Torres / Aaron Zulpo
Underdonk is pleased to present Private Practice, a group exhibition of work by nineteen artists, each presenting a selection of their studio practice. Comprised of sketches, notes, objects of inspiration, shrines, postcards, and unseen drawings with completed works, this exhibition explores the line between private and public. Giving the artist permission to show what one would often keep hidden or as an idea not fully processed but for further fruition in another work, this show lays bare the unfolding thinking practice in the studio. The artist is a work in progress, perpetually searching, changing, and staying the same. We are gatherers, hoarders, and historians.